Advisory Board Rental

What If You Could Handpick Your Own Board Of Advisors To Rent On A Monthly Basis?

The Focused to Success Advisory Board Service is a strategic management tool
designed to improve the direction, culture, decision making and profitability of your business.

Business advisory boards provide expert resources so you can break through the roadblocks that keep your business from exponential growth.

What can Focused to Success Advisory Board do for you?

Focused to Success Advisory Board offers private and family business owners and CEOs the opportunity to put into place best-practice business management and governance. An advisory board is a hand-picked, high-impact leadership team with the skills, knowledge and experience related to your business.

The Advisory Board meets regularly to discuss issues and provide a formal, high-level strategic and accountability layer for your business.

  • Do you have a progressive business with great growth prospects but struggle to know what the next step is?
  • Do you have the next generation pushing for business growth?
  • Do you need your multimillion-dollar business assets to work harder for you?

The answer is creating a Business Advisory Board.

What are the benefits of an Advisory Board?

Advisory boards offer alternative management skill sets for your business through external advisors, mentors or highly-regarded peers. Using Focused to Success Advisory Boards as a board chair or advisor it will provide:

  • An innovative approach to your business that will drive development, asset improvement, management and leadership.
  • An experienced, independent advisor who works directly with you to set goals, strategies and governance principles.
  • Opportunities for open and robust conversations, greater accountability and evidence-based decision making.
  • A challenge to the status quo.

What makes the Focused to Success Advisory Board Different?

Focused to Success Advisory Boards works across a broad spectrum of clients including private and family, corporate. Our advisors have been exposed to the very best businesses and some that had room to improve. We share our bank of knowledge to empower you and your business to scale and grow.

When you engage with Focused to Success Advisory Boards, you are receiving the experience and knowledge of our certified chairs and accredited advisors and our network of industry specialists. We pride ourselves on the integration of our services to provide maximum return for your investment.

Dependant on the Business the Advisory Board Discusses!

  • Strategic planning
  • Business planning
  • The budget and forecasts and monitors business performance to the budget
  • People management within the business
  • Policy development and long-term capital expenditure planning
  • Marketing and business development plans
  • An action plan to achieve goals