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The Productivity Health Check has 11 Sections with your Report viewable immediately and it is emailed to you.

Full Name

Do you look outside of your business for business growth ideas?

Do you Document the areas that your business in the past may have limited your Customers, Products, Services, Frequency of Repurchases and referrals?

Do you always ask yourself and work out, what is the highest and best use of the opportunity/activity? In Expenditure, In Time? In Personnel? And or Capital?

Do you work out what the Worst Case, Most likely and Best Case of every investment, marketing or business opportunity?

Do you regularly come up with, and brainstorm innovations where you use what is successful in one industry and apply it to your industry?

Are your business success activities in Customer service, Sales, Product and marketing working at their maximum?

How much energy do you focus on the satisfaction and care of your clients? 1 is not much to 10 being fully focused

Do you have detailed business goals broken down into small bite-size chunks and then put on a timeline so you know what you need to do each and every day?

Do you regularly attend training events to educate and grow yourself and your business?

Is your business structured around Competing or Dominating in your Industry?

Do you get prepared for going to meetings or speeches?

Do you seek to improve one thing a day in your life and in your business? 

Do you leave your problems at work?

Do you go to bed thinking about your problems?

Do you know everything you need to do that day when you wake up?Do you know everything you need to do in a day when you wake up?

Are you in the future or are you stick in the present/past?

Are you confident in yourself?

When “shit hits the fan”, are you calm? 10 is calm 1 is chaotic

Do you make people smile?

Do people fear you?

Do people respect you?

Do you have more results or more excuses?

In terms of success, which gear are you operating? 1 low 10 Max

Are you unhappy with your net worth?

Are you hard on yourself?

Are you easily distracted?

Do you feel like you procrastinate?

Are you a person who leads by example?

Do you push yourself to 150% and give everything you have?

Are you a competitive person?

Do you turn your weaknesses into strengths?

Are you the person who points the finger and pushes the blame?

Do you have at least 5 lead generation strategies in place?

Do you have three separate unique selling propositions (USP) than your competition?

How successful is your current sales force? 1 not and 10 dominating

How successful are your current sales strategies? 1 not and 10 dominating

Do you have clear Sales targets and KPIs that are regularly getting reviewed and are you and your team are hitting them?

Is your current Sales staff consultative and advisory in nature?

Do you deploy proven “Introduction/Referral” strategies that lead to sales?

Do you understand and calculate you/teams sales conversion ratio and continuously work on improving them?

Are you currently implementing cross-selling strategies?

Do you have a risk reversal strategy in place? The client holds no risk

Do you have a clear client understanding of whom your ideal client is and know exactly how to market to them?

Do you have an online marketing funnel that is generating leads consistently?

Are you engaging your clients using Social media via Facebook, Linkedin, youtube

Do you do regular Updates via online media to keep your clients current?

Do you have a website that is current and generating leads consistently?

Do you have current marketing tools you use for offline promotions?

Do you have targeted marketing campaigns for your business for online and offline?

Do you let the media know when you have a new product, service or offering for your clients?

Do you currently have a Public Relations representative in your business?

Are you running public events to help educate people and add value?

Do you have clear operational systems in place that allows your business to run without you?

Do you have clear and documented Standard Operating Procedures for every component of your business?

Are your strategic goals written out and do you see constant improvement in your business?

Do you have a current CRM system or database that manages your clients?

Do you regularly outsource tasks that are dollar productive but have a low ROI?

Have your operational costs have been declining over the history of your business?

Do you have completely documented all your systems and process?

Do you have complete videos all your systems and process?

Are you regularly working on automating your business and educating your staff in systems and procedures?

Do you view your business as a small Agile Business easy to maneuver or like the Titanic, slow to make any changes?

Do you exercise at least 3 times a week?

Are you eating healthy and avoiding processed foods?

Are you drinking water as your main source of fluids?

Are you trying to treat any ailment naturally as a first priority?

Do you have strategies in place to handle stress?

Do you understand the Value of Medical Advice but also understand that no one knows and looks after my body and health like you do?

Do you have a healthy interactive relationship with your partner, work colleagues, and people around you?

Are you feeling your relationship needs are being met?

Are you happy with the relationship you have with yourself?

Are you confident in yourself and project that to others?

Do you have a clear message for your life?

Do you feel good when you have a victory? But does it last more than one day?

Are you in control of your thoughts and rarely negative about life or events?

Do you feel that you have been thinking clearly?

Do you feel loved and close to people or lonely and find it hard to share this with others?

Do you feel no one understands what you are going through?

Are you happy to spend time with yourself?

Do you feel optimistic about your future?

Do you feel relaxed and in control?

Are you feeling confident and happy?

Are you generating sustainable income that is growing monthly?

Do you have multiple income streams from different sources?

Is your credit card managed well by paying the full amount each month?

Do you feel you are creating the income you deserve considering your skill set?

Are you aware of your monthly outgoings and able to cover these without stress to yourself and your family?

Is your business generating a comfortable income and a good ROI?

Do you have at least 3 months saving in my bank account?

Do you have residue income?

Do you have multiple pillars of revenue generation models in your business?

Is your multiple income streams diversified into different buckets?

Do you have good constant cash flow in your business?

Do you have cash reserves in your business bank account equivalent to 3 months of operating costs?

Do you suffer from cash flow challenges constantly?

Are there systems in place that ensures you have good cash flow and clients are paying on time?

Is there a cash flow projection document in place?

Do you have multiple accounts with savings that can be accessed only in emergency?

Are you saving at least 10% of your income each month and use it for varied savings accounts?

Are you saving to buy property, gold, and other income producing assets?

Do you have savings in your business not required for day to day operations?

Do you have a holiday savings fund where you can accumulate savings for annual holidays?

Does your Workforce complain about not having enough time?

Is your Business Slow to Change? Are you losing opportunities because your team and workforce are not Agile enough?

High Performance Business and individuals invest into Self Education. Do you have a culture of Training in your Organization?

Whenever you make an improvement, is your workforce embracing the change? Do you have a culture of Growth in your Organization?

Do you feel you that your Team is in line with the Goals and Objectives of the Business?

Have you personally completed, or have you had each of your employees complete a personality profile?

Is your workforce Goal orientated? Do they all know what their personal goals are and what the business goals and objectives are?

Fear of Failure is a large item in most people’s lives and that reflects in their work. Do you have a program that guides your workforce through the failure cycle process?

Do you find that at the end of the month once you have paid all your bills for your business or personal, you have No Money left?

Do you and your team have Low or No Sales? Is your Team not hitting targets?

Self-Analyses is a fundamental to understand who you are and where you stand on issues that are important to you. Have you previously worked with yourself and your employees on a Self-Analysis level?

Does your workforce have a Daily Planner they use every day so they know what they need to do to get where they need to go?

Do you know what your workforce are looking for in the future? Where they plan to be and what they plan to do?

Do you or your workforce suffer physically, mentally or emotionally from the stresses imposed by modern living and work?

Would you like for you and your workforce to rise above the crowd by thinking in new, different and creative ways?

Have you trained your workforce that when they come upon an unsolvable problem, they can creatively find a solution?

When you interview for a position in your workplace do you have a process so the applicants that you actually get to meet can, 1) Complete a simple task and follow simple instructions, and 2) You know who they are and if their personality is suitable for the job, before you meet them?

Do you have training in your organization to educate your staff on the "Language" they use within their home life and at the work place?

Do you and your staff understand the power of positive affirmations?

Do you or your staff have a detailed action planner so you know what you need to do every single day?

Congratulations on completing the Personal and Staff Productivity Health Check.


Here are your results:
For Personal and Staff Productivity you received %CATEGORY_POINTS%Personal and Staff Productivity%/CATEGORY_POINTS% out of 100

For Business Growth you received %CATEGORY_POINTS%Business Growth%/CATEGORY_POINTS% out of 100

For Business Wellbeing you received %CATEGORY_POINTS%Business Wellbeing%/CATEGORY_POINTS% out of 100

For Marketing Strategy, you received %CATEGORY_POINTS%Marketing Strategy%/CATEGORY_POINTS% out of 100

For Operational Systems, you received %CATEGORY_POINTS%Operational Systems%/CATEGORY_POINTS% out of 100

For Business Cashflow, you received %CATEGORY_POINTS%Business Cashflow%/CATEGORY_POINTS% out of 100

For Savings Strategies, you received %CATEGORY_POINTS%Savings Strategies%/CATEGORY_POINTS% out of 100

For Income Generation, you received %CATEGORY_POINTS%Income Generation%/CATEGORY_POINTS% out of 100

For Sales Flow, you received %CATEGORY_POINTS%Sales Flow%/CATEGORY_POINTS% out of 100

For Mental and Emotional wellbeing, you received %CATEGORY_POINTS%Mental and Emotional wellbeing%/CATEGORY_POINTS% out of 100

For Physical Health and Relationships, you received %CATEGORY_POINTS%Physical Health and Relationships%/CATEGORY_POINTS% out of 100

If you scored 0- 50% in one area, that area in your life and business is in a really bad shape. I would recommend for you to call us urgently on 08 6444 1707 to book the follow-up Free 50-minute talk.

If you scored 50 - 80% means your business is struggling and you are not getting traction and probably going backward. We need to book a time for the presentation with yourself and/or your workforce, to realign, focus and turn things back on track.

If you Scored 80% + you have the fundamentals in place and have a solid foundation to build on and take your business to the next level.

To Learn more please call 08 6444 1707 or email info@focusedtosuccess.com so we can discuss your business.

Clinton Rotteveel