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Business Performance Health Checkup Valued at $995…. Free

$995 Business Health Checkup for free for a limited time!

If you want Peak Performance in your Life and From your Business …without Combative or Lack of buy-in from your workforce, and you want it fast, this is for you.

You Get a Free Business Performance Health Checkup, that helps you understand what you are doing well in your business and what areas you need to concentrate on. This will help to Increase Profits, Increase Sales, Reduce Procrastination, and how you work with your team to get more done in less time.

When you have read the Report, you can Book Clinton in for a 90 discussion where we will go through the results of the Business Health Checkup and also talk about how to take action. Here is what you take away and how it can help you NOW.

Increase Sales and Performance from yourself and your Workforce

Clinton Rotteveel Navigates Business and Teams to Peak state of performance. Using the Systems Clinton Trains with, Macquarie Bank had a 200% increase in revenue to the attune of $1B. A workforce that knows it skills and strengths are crucial for any organisation that wants to achieve high levels of success.

Increase the Skill level of your Workforce

Listen, as a Business Owner – you face a big risk. And that is the skill level of your workforce and employing people who under-perform.

So most people do the usual. They continue to struggle with under-performing workforce or they have a high turn over. But did you know that the most common ingredient in building a Success business is building a Culture of Training and a Culture of Growth with your workforce! Not only that, having a workforce who are Goal orientated and know where they are heading in life, provides a more productive and high performing workforce!

That’s why you MUST know the right way to increase the skill level of your workforce.

Build a workforce that can Do More in Less Time

Imagine a workforce who can get more done in less time….

Focus, Focus, Focus are the 3 keywords that will help your Team be more productive during their day. But did you know that telling a person to be more focused will achieve nothing?

In our programs and workshops, we have the keys to success. We know that by getting your Team in line with the overarching theme of your business and Set goals and targets in their personal life, the team will be more motivated and focused.

I am providing the CR Daily Planner to you and your team to use the Free Motivational and Inspirational talk, to get totally focused, as a promotional activity.

The Bonuses of the Talk!

  •  The workforce will get more done

    Every person attending the 90-minute presentations will get a 90 Day High-Performance Daily Planner Valued at $49 for free. Clinton will also through the talk, provide tools and strategies to show how your Team can Optimise their day, procrastinate less and get more done in less time.

  •  Increase in Sales

    Having a more Focused workforce that understands where they are heading and why will be more motivated as they will be more goal driven

  •  A Team that is Focused on Growth for your business and personally

    Clinton will Ensure that Each Person in your workforce is Doing the Most Important thing in the Most Efficient Way at the Most Appropriate Time. Every Person who is a high performer and achieved high levels of success in their Life has a coach and consultant.

    The Benefit of the programs Clinton runs is to help yourself and your workforce achieve high levels of success in your lives both professionally and personally. Imagine a workforce that provides you ideas and concepts to optimize and increase Profits and Revenues in your Business. Now that’s a business you want to be part of…..

    This is what you get:

    1) Full Business Health Checkup valued at $995!

    We will Analyse your: Business Growth
    Marketing Strategy
    Operational Systems
    Business Wellbeing
    Sales Flow
    Personal and Staff Productivity
    Income Generation
    Business Cashflow
    Physical Health and Relationships
    Savings Strategies
    Mental and Emotional wellbeing

    2) A Free 50 minute keynote and Motivational Speech at your Next Team Meeting

    3) CR Daily Planner to get your team Totally Focused Valued at $49

    So now, with the 50-minute keynote, you will have a More Focused Workforce that will increase Sales, Profit, and Revenue in your organization. Your Team will stop doing things inefficiently and have the tools to help take your business to the next level.

    This is a short time opportunity to get the $995 valued Business Health Checkup and the $49 CR Daily planner when you book Clinton to come and present a keynote at your workplace. It won’t last long as the stock is limited.

    Are you Succeeding in your Business or Struggling with your Workforce, Sales or Profits? Is your Staff complaining about lack of Time?

    Find out how your Business and Workforce is going with our short 10-minute quiz …

    Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and watching the video. I look forward to working with you and your team soon.


    Clinton Rotteveel