Government Grants

Together we will be Extraordinary.

There are so many government grants available. Do you want to take advantage?

Your competitors do – and are.

With our Team of International Tax and Commercial Lawyers, together we are always looking for ways to get our clients ahead.

Together with our Local Business Strategic Planning and International Expansion Strategic Planning, we are able to say that our clients get the best results and have the leg up over your competitors.


Government grants have a complicated set of rules and will usually need a set of accounts and other financial information to verify the claim.

To maximise your grant, you need someone who:

  • understand the law (Our Panel)
  • are always looking for ways to give your business an edge (also us)

In our Panel of Advisors, we have qualified as both lawyers (through the law society of New South Wales) and Chartered Accountants (through the Institute of Chartered Accountants).

Our Panel uses our legal specialist knowledge to understand every possible method and option for claiming the absolute maximum from a grant under the law, and we use the panels accounting knowledge to ensure the books are properly presented and every invoice that can be claimed is claimed.  It’s a perfect harmony.

Having professionally recognised skills doesn’t mean as much if there isn’t sufficient effort placed into making sure the best result is obtained.  This is why we treat all our clients like family and together we will empower your business.

We together will do whatever we can to help you take your business to the next level.

Call us today to let us help see what Grants are available for your business and how we can help you take your business to the next level.