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Finding out your Personality Type, and learning about other Personality types, will guide you to better use of your talents, leadership skills, improved performances and increased productivity. It will improve your interpersonal skills and realign your expectations towards others, increase your ability in communicating, motivating, negotiating and doing business with clientele.

There are sixteen unique personality types and every person has only one them. Each type reveals your characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, behavior, effectiveness and your potential.

We have produced a personal profile of each personality type to provide you with a guide to understanding the parallels and differences between the sixteen personality types.

ENFP – The Catalyst

Energetic, talkative, persuasive and creative. Can and will do practically anything that interests them.

ENFJ – The Controller

Relentless in going after what they want. Natural talents steer them into position of leadership and authority.

ENTP – The Innovator

Has natural ability to gain confidence and respect from all types of people. Ready to plunge into action.

ENTJ – The Leader

Natural leader, highly competitive, assertive, outspoken. Likes to be the boss and tell people what to do.

ISTJ – The Achiever

Avoids risks at all costs. Focus is on task rather than feelings of people. High regard for procedures and rules.

ISTP – The Engineer

Likes to deal with facts and logic. Not good managing people. Highly skilled with complex problems and finding solution.

ISFJ – The Comforter

Sensitive, sympathetic, kind. Goes to great lengths to do what’s important or necessary. Likes working with set plans.

ISFP – The Counsellor

Calm, unassuming, peaceful nature. Likes to contribute to the wellbeing of people, responsive to their needs and feelings.

INFJ – The Academic

Gifted to intuitively understand difficult and complex situations. Extremely confident in their intuitive abilities and proficiencies.

INFP – The Crusader

Strong sense of inner values guide their decisions and actions. Has a deep understanding of people’s feelings and principles.

INTJ – The Strategist

High standard of performance and talent. Clear vision of goals and objectives. Performs in a planned, set and careful way.

INTP – The Philosopher

High standard of competence and intelligence. Anticipates risk and opportunities beyond the visible and the obvious.

ESTP – The Entrepreneur

Responds creatively to challenging circumstances. Good persuasive skills. Able to win people over to their viewpoint.

ESTJ – The Administrator

No-nonsense attitude. Quick in decision making, problem solving. Influenced by results, positive action, competence.

ESFP – The Entertainer

Passionate lover of life. Lives in the present. Likes experiences with people, clothes, animals, the world. Fun loving and playful.

ESFJ – The Protector

Values stability and security. Firm commitment to goals, follow traditional values. Strives for harmony, security and safety.

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