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Business Strategy


  • Goal Setting –  Action Planning
  • Peak Performance Coaching
  • Staff Training
  • Accountability Coaching
  • Lean Management
  • Sales Training

Together, Achieving the Extraordinary.

We treat all our clients like family, and together we lift and help our family members, get to where you want to get in your business.

Clinton Rotteveel has been known to, “change and has turned entire industries around”. This ability to think outside of the box has also allowed him to successfully be a Business Turn-Around Specialist and in the last 3 months make 2 business No1 in their industries.

Focused to Success provides real business tools that can be used and implemented straight away into their business to take Action and get Results. We are hands-on and practical. No theoretical jargon, real results based methods using proven techniques from our own businesses.

We do not provide documentation that is theoretical and goes on your shelf, rather our programs are hands on. Our programs are something you have on your desk, that you are working with and through. Our programs have a step by step process and specific strategies, and not generalised theoretical ideas that are unproven. We extrapolate this from Marketing strategies to building different income streams in your business to helping your workforce be more productive, take more responsibility and get more done.

Over the years we have helped business from startup stages and SME. We have raised over $110m in capital for various business and helped business and individuals have more productive and full lives.

Is your business next? Call us today to see if what we specialise in can be of benefit to your business.