Business Starter Program

How to Have Your Best Business Year Ever

If you’ve ever wanted to make more progress and get more done in your life and Business than you have, then the Business Starter Program will help you achieve exactly that. If you are starting a new business or your business has been struggling for many years and not get traction this program is for you. With the Business Starter Program, you can literally transform your Ability to get New Clients, and the Growth of your Business:

  • Business Marketing Strategy
  • Business Goal Setting
  • Relationships
  • Empowerment Tool kit

You owe it to yourself to grow your business as well as personally. We treat all clients like family so let us help you achieve the success you deserve, together we can make your business great again. Our Business Starter Program will make sure you achieve what it is you want. Imagine defining exactly what you want to achieve over the next 90 days, setting the major goals to achieve what you want. Then, having a step-by-step plan (we call them micro steps) to get there faster than you can imagine. Clinton will navigate and assist you to make sure you stay focused.

Business Success Program

Create the Future You Want for Yourself

The Business Success program has been designed to help you take control of your business through a Business Blue Print and Strategic Plan, and give you the means to create the future you want for your business and yourself. The 3-month program centres on Building your business, and empowering you the business owner to take action, set goals and follow through with the Strategic Plan.

Join our existing clients who togehter we have used this program in their business, and become No 1 in their respective businesses.

  • Business Marketing Strategy
  • Personal and Staff Productivity
  • Relationships and Physical Health
  • Sales Flow
  • Operational Systems
  • Business Cashflow
  • Business Growth Strategies

Business Success Program is covered over the 3-month program. Together we will build a solid foundation for your business, and establish systems and processes to retain existing clients and build multiple marketing systems to engage and build the client base. We will master not only multiple marketing strategies but also income and revenue strategies to encourage growth and profitability in your business. Building multiple pillars for marketing and income streams ensures that if one area is weak, the other areas can make up for it, which in turn builds and develops your business for the long term.

Business Results Program

Productivity Increases to Drive Business

Strategy, Empowerment, and Results are the three keywords to describe the Results Program.This is NOT a confusing set of technical processes that are introduced only to be lost in a filing cabinet. This is an integrated, focused and deliberate approach to achieve measurable results for your business. When Macquarie Bank implemented the program across one of their divisions, it resulted in a 200% increase in business! This amounted to an estimated one billion dollar increase in sales for the year immediately following the program.

Benefits of the Results Program for

Establish a major vision for your organisation and develop a strategic plan to achieve it. Galvanise your entire workforce around the central vision. Everyone has their own individual plan and understands their role in delivering the vision. Your staff receives essential life skills training. You have Clinton to keep everyone on track and focused.